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      Your Ultimate Tailgate Checklist

      Your Ultimate Tailgate Checklist

      So, it’s Saturday morning. Do you know where your tailgate is? With football season in full swing, tailgates abound - and having a game plan for your game day will set you up for the ultimate tailgate.

      Here, we separate the ultimate tailgate checklist into two categories: college students and grown-ass adults. No matter what category you fall into, we think you’ll appreciate having an official checklist to guide your game day decisions.

      First up, the grown-ass adults:

      1. If you’re visiting your alma mater for the weekend or if you live in a college town, a game day is always better when you figure out your tailgate spot ahead of time. Yes, it’s painful to get your friends on the same page and agree on a spot, but it’ll make all the difference when you wake up at 7 am ready to go. What are your school’s classic spots? Golf courses, tennis courts, vacant lots? Figure it out, call them up, and reserve a spot a few weeks (or months, if you’re into that) ahead of time.
      2. Figure out who is bringing what booze or how you’re splitting that up. Going in on a keg? Get it ordered, send out your Venmo requests, and you’re set. Maybe enforce a two-pack entry fee for the tailgate if that’s more your speed. Either way, just like on the field, communication is key.
      3. Kick-off time is important. Since TV networks determine kick-off times, you’ve gotta pay attention to updates. If it’s a noon game, your tailgate will be greatly enriched by a Bloody Mary bar, coffee + Bailey’s, and greasy breakfast meats. If it’s a later start, keep something non-alcoholic on hand to avoid dreaded tailgate fatigue.

      On the subject of food, “more” is always a great idea. If it’s a noon game, your tailgate better be rolling by 9 am. Some food ideas for early games:
        1. Trays of breakfast sausage - get some sausage links prepped and cooked the night before, drop them in an aluminum pan, and heat the pan up in the morning. Voila, hot sausages by the time the first beer is cracked.
        2. Carbs, carbs, carbs. Grab some trays of donuts the morning of and pick up some croissants or rolls the night before. Open up the packages, and you’re ready to roll!
        3. Potatoes. Assign someone the holy task of making cheesy potatoes - and accurately convey to them the importance of this task.
        4. Something...sort of healthy? Bring along some chopped-up fruit so you can pretend that your day-drinking has been cancelled out.

      For a later start, these staples will never let you down:
        1. Get yourself a pop-up camp grill and just keep brats rolling on it all. day. long. Don’t forget buns, mustard, ketchup, and whatever weird stuff goes on brats where you come from.
        2. Snacks, snacks, snacks. Keep your chip, pretzel, cheese cube, and cracker game STRONG. This is what will sustain your crew from first beer to final shotgun.
        3. Some kind of potato-based food, like the aforementioned cheesy potatoes.
        4. You’ll need to refuel, and sometimes, sugar is the backup QB that comes through in a pinch. Grab some trays of cookies and brownies for that last-minute lift.
        5. Whether your game starts early or late, coffee and Bailey’s is never a bad idea. Tailgating takes a toll on the body; sometimes coffee is what separates you from going all day long and taking a nap behind someone’s pickup. Don’t be that guy.

      Get your gear in order. If it’s been a while since you’ve been back to campus, check out your gear, and maybe grab some fresh stuff. And if you’re looking for the ultimate tailgating gear, you have to check out our Tailgater Pro. It’s got all the gear you need for game day - we’re talking built-in koozie, bottle opener, stealth pocket, and TechChamber to keep your Juul safe and your vapor of choice within reach. Plus, all of our gear is customizable - if you’ve got a big crew reunion, why not commemorate it with something they’ll actually use?

      Day-of “please don’t forget this shit” checklist:
        1. ID
        2. Credit/debit card
        3. Your colors!
        4. Sunglasses
        5. Chapstick
        6. Sunscreen if you need it
        7. A change of clothes (you never know what will go down)
        8. Rain gear if it’s looking threatening
        9. Layers for those chilly fall games (we know something that can help).
        10. Water bottle
        11. Cell phone
        12. Way to charge aforementioned cell phone
        13. Hat

      With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to the ultimate tailgate.

      Now, for the college kids. Your list is shorter. Like, a lot shorter. It’s mostly about survival, but trust us: all the grown-ass adults are vaguely jealous of you and, even though they might seem like they have their shit together, they would much rather be doing what you’re doing. We digress. Here’s YOUR ultimate tailgate checklist:

      1. Step one: Set an alarm. It’s painful, we know you went out last night, but set a damn alarm. Don’t be that friend who sleeps through the 7am tailgate start. Noon kick-offs suck sometimes, but if you show up, you won’t regret it.
      2. Step two: Get your gear in order. Suit up with your team’s colors, and if it’s chilly, layer up with a hoodie (preferably one that also has a koozie, bottle opener, and integrated vape tech). Plan ahead for a long day - and don’t wear shoes that make you miserable.
      3. Step three: figure out your food game. You’re going to be putting your body through a lot today - get something with protein and carbs, like a bagel sandwich. Something you can eat on the way to the tailgate is ideal.
      4. Step four: If you’re hungover from the night before, get out in front of it. QUICKLY. Now is the time to find the bloody mary bar or get some coffee and Bailey’s in you.
      5. Step five: find your tailgate. This is the easiest part of the day for you, since you either wake up where the party is happening or you walk two feet and find one. Done.
      6. Lastly: Go crazy, but for the love of God, drink some water. You don’t want to pass out before kickoff.

      See? We told you your list was shorter. Now get out there and make us proud.

      You can’t go wrong on a football Saturday - especially if you’ve got Vaprwear gear to back you up. Our vape-ready apparel is built to keep up with you, no matter what you get yourself into. Our Tailgater Hoodie features a built-in koozie, bottle opener, and stealth pocket in addition to our patented Drawstring tech, allowing you to keep your pen or pod close by, no matter where your football Saturday takes you.

      Flavored Nicotine Prohibition: What You Need to Know

      Flavored Nicotine Prohibition: What You Need to Know

      If you’re an e-cigarette user, you may have heard grumbles throughout summer 2018 about the growing potential of a flavored nicotine ban by the Food and Drug Administration. The ban, the FDA claims, is an effort to halt the “epidemic” growth of e-cigarette use among teens, who are attracted to e-cigarette flavor offerings like cucumber, mango, and mint.

      Using nicotine, studies show, can have a detrimental effect on brain development in young people, so, in their efforts to protect America’s youth, the FDA has considered this potentially industry-changing action.

      The issue is, of course, that despite their popularity with the young crowd, companies like Juul exist to help adults make the switch from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes, aiding them in their overall efforts to quit smoking.

      On September 12th, 2018, the FDA singled out five e-cigarette manufacturers and products - Juul, MarkTen, blu, Vuse, and Logic - and demanded they address youth use of their product within 60 days, or the FDA would require them to stop selling flavored nicotine pods altogether. So, where did this come from, and what does it mean for you?

      How did this get started?

      With the availability of devices like Juul and blu, which are discreet, convenient, and feature fruity or appealing flavors, teens are becoming heavy users. Recent studies show a 900% increase in teen e-cigarette use from 2011-2015, and the number has only grown since then.

      Sixty-three percent of teens surveyed were unaware that their e-cigarette contained nicotine - the vast majority assumed the pods were composed of only flavorings. Because trends like this are passed quickly from friend to friend, vaping and e-cigarette use has exploded among younger crowds, and it has parents, teachers, and the FDA on edge.

      Lastly, e-cigarettes like Juul look like USB drives, and many parents are unaware that their kids use these seemingly innocuous devices for other purposes. Think back to when you were a teen: it’s exciting to get away with

      How did the FDA respond?

      They initiated a program titled the Youth Tobacco Prevention Plan, fining 131 major retailers for selling e-cigarettes to minors, closing loopholes for online sales to minors, and examining the youth appeal of e-cigarettes.

      Despite all of that, the number of young people using e-cigarettes and vaping devices hasn’t tipped downward. If anything, it’s grown.

      In the face of this, the FDA is taking an aggressive, unprecedented stance. Over the next sixty days, the administration will actively investigate the marketing and sales practices of manufacturers of Juul, blu, MarkTen, Vuse, and Logic. The administration expects these manufacturers to submit a plan for reducing youth use of their product within 60 days or face consequences like ceasing distribution to retailers that sell to underage kids, halting all sales of flavored nicotine products, or reworking their marketing and sales practices.

      Companies like Juul saw this coming

      Back in June, Juul committed to removing models from its Instagram presence, instead promoting stories of adults using the product to switch from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The hope was, of course, to make the product seem less appealing to young people and to reinforce Juul’s commitment to helping adults stop smoking.

      The “our responsibility” page of their website is very explicit in distancing itself from youth use, stating: “We want to be part of the solution to end combustible smoking, not part of a problem to attract youth…”

      Despite this commitment, the fact remains: young people like vaping and e-cigarettes. And it seems that Juul’s efforts, laudable though they are, aren’t really curbing youth use. Juul has been accused of luring teens to their product in order to get “customers for life” - is their image problem going to be their downfall?

      The future

      If you’re an adult user of products like Juul, blu, or MarkTen, you might be upset at the prospect of losing access to your favorite pod flavors in the wake of youth use of vaping devices. After all, with all of the companies out there manufacturing knock-off, unregulated “Juul-compatible” flavored pods, will punishing Juul actually solve the problem? Juul has come out publicly warning of the emergence of a “gray market” for flavored pods that will continue to grow. These unregulated pods could contain harmful chemicals, and they are not subject to the same safety standards as those created by companies like Juul, the company says.

      Whatever the case, it’s a divisive issue. If you’d like to learn more, read the FDA announcement regarding the crackdown, and make sure to reach out to Juul or your e-cigarette manufacturer directly with concerns. If Juul and other manufacturers can sufficiently demonstrate they are taking meaningful steps to combat underage use in the next 60 days, the future of flavored pods looks bright. If not, well… time will tell.



      This year, the American vaporizer market is projected to grow to $5.5 billion. With the rise of JUUL®, Pax ERA®, and others, adults now have more options than ever for consuming nicotine or marijuana products. With that rise comes more freedom for adults to choose where, when, and how they want to satisfy their craving. At Vaprwear, we are committed to connecting adults to convenient solutions to their vaping needs, whether through pod systems like JUUL or pens of any kind.

      Nicotine Without All the Other Crap

      The freedom to enjoy nicotine without the tar, carbon monoxide, or pervasive odor of cigarettes means adults can choose when and where they satisfy their urge, and Vaprwear is here to take that one step further. Our products are built for convenience, so whether you’re hitting the open road, enjoying a concert, on a hike, or on the job, you can enjoy your nicotine at your discretion. And you’ll never have to fish around in your pocket for your device again.

      According to research done by Public Health England and published by gov.uk, the majority of adult vape users who used to be cigarette smokers are consciously choosing vaping to reduce their dependence on cigarettes and nicotine. Their goal? To stop smoking altogether. Vaping offers an alternative for smokers, and they are turning to the technology in huge numbers.

      Cannabis Legalization and Vaping

      With cannabis legalization - especially for medicinal use - supported by the majority of Americans, it’s no longer taboo to enjoy cannabis in mixed company. That being said, most individuals don’t necessarily want to walk around with pipes and joints in pockets and reeking of weed.

      Vaping (with the help of Vaprwear products) has changed that - the freedom of convenience and discretion is literally in your hands, in your pocket, or in the specially designed pouch within our gear ;).

      Vaping is for Adults - Never Kids.

      All too often, we see and hear stories of vaping on the rise among teenagers and middle-school students. With e-liquid flavors like mango, key lime pie, and and cotton candy along with the glamorization of vaping, it’s easy to see the appeal to young kids. What’s even more troubling is that 63% of kids who reported vaping in the last month didn’t know whether their vape pods contained nicotine.

      At Vaprwear, we’re 100% committed to safe, responsible, adult use of our products. Our hoodies and backpacks are built with the active adult in mind - never kids. To that end, we have placed 21+ age verifications on our website, we hold any order for 24 hours to allow credit card holders to notice any unauthorized pending charges, and we actively seek to work with organizations that combat the underage use of tobacco and marijuana products.

      Our goal is to lead by example. We turn away partnerships that could result in glamorization of our products to kids, and we applaud companies like JUUL for removing models from their advertising in an effort to appeal only to their target audience - adults looking to switch from combustible cigarettes to vaping. Further, JUUL is looking to integrate Bluetooth technology within their pods for age verification purposes and is also considering creating geofences around schools to combat underage use.

      If you suspect underage use of our product, we want to know. Please email adultuse@vaprwear.com.



      Sure, you’ve mastered day hikes. You’ve got your strategy on lock for getting to the trailhead before the masses, you’re a pro-snack-packer, and you bring your A-game for tackling 14ers, long-haul hikes, and elevation gains.

      If you’ve got the itch to push yourself a bit harder, cook a meal with your buddies in the great outdoors, and sleep under the stars, you might want to think about a backpacking trip. With a little preparation, you’ll be a pro in no time. Read on for our tips:


      Well, if you’re hauling a tent, food, sleeping pad, and a change of clothes, it makes sense to invest in a good pack that can 1) handle all of that and 2) fit you extremely well so you’re not miserable on your hike. Check out this resource for picking out a backpack that’ll have your back for the long haul.

      Sweat-wicking clothing, tall socks, good sturdy (broken in!) hiking shoes or boots, a hat, and some extra outer layers of protection are essential. When you’re miles away from civilization, having a rain shell on hand for a sudden cloudburst could be the difference between a great hike and a miserable one.

      When you’re hanging around the campfire after a long day of hiking, you’ll want a sweatshirt to chill in. Check out this classic option, or go all-in with a sweatshirt that can also hold your beer. You won’t regret having something dry and comfy to pull on after a long day.

      For more info on packing lists and other great tips about camping, check out this resource.


      If you’re going for efficiency, plan on about 1.5 pounds of food per person per day when you’re on a backpacking trip. You could need more, you could need less - but no matter your caloric needs, make sure to remove any superfluous packaging or anything that could add extra weight.

      For that morning pick-me-up, consider bringing along instant coffee or tea to save space.

      Keep your meals simple - grains, sausages, dried fruit, granola, instant mashed potatoes, and hard-boiled eggs are all great options. Remember, you’ll be burning extra calories - so make sure you treat yourself with something delicious at the end of the day. For more ideas, check this out.

      Always remember, the goal is to leave no trace. Say it with us now: pack it in, pack it out.

      Scout Your Route

      Never go in blind. Make sure you know where you’re going, and you’ll save yourself a major headache down the line. Take photos of the route, write it down, and commit it to memory. Ask around and plan ahead for good camping spots, and make sure you’re aware of any fire bans, wild animal activity, flooding, snowpack, mud, elevation gains, and anything else you might encounter.

      At the end of a day of hiking, you’ll be stoked to settle down in a good spot, set up camp, and chill around the fire (or the camp stove). When you go into the trip prepared, you’ll take the guesswork and stress out of the equation.

      Now get out there and vibe with nature! Happy trails.



      No, you’re not imagining it: pods are everywhere. Juul, the e-cigarette that looks like a sleek USB drive and more closely mimics the taste experience of smoking a “real” cigarette, broke $224 million in sales last year. The company has sold more than one million JUUL® systems. It has to produce 20 million products, from actual smoking pods to cartridges, every month.

      We’re big fans of JUUL ourselves - and since we’re the proud producers of first-of-its-kind vape-ready wearable technology, clearly we needed to make sure everything could play nicely together. Our gear comes equipped for compatibility with vape pens of all sizes, but the unique structure of pods like JUUL meant we had to get a little creative.

      Enter: the Vaprwear adapter (f*** yeah). 

      What is it?

      The male end of the adaptor fits into the stretchy, silicone end of our patented Drawstring while the other end of the adapter fits snugly onto the pod of your choice for a seamless, uninterrupted flow. Just insert and go.

      Our adapters work with:

      • JUUL®
      • PAX Era®
      • blu®
      • bo®
      • RUBI®
      • Phix®
      • Adding more!

      Wait, Wait, Wait. What Did You Say About a Drawstring?

      If you’re familiar with Vaprwear, you know that we make it easy for you to vape discreetly and conveniently wherever you are - driving, on a hike, chilling on your couch. But how does it all work?

      Our Drawstring Vapor Delivery System features your pod or pen on one end and an ergonomic mouthpiece on the other. This Drawstring is then subtly integrated within a wide range of apparel, from our Tailgater Pro hoodie to our HydroVape backpack.

      Yep, pretty ingenious - and now, with the addition of our adapter, it’s compatible with more pens and pods than ever before. (As always, pens are fully compatible with Vaprwear gear as-is - no adapter required.)

      Why the Switch?

      E-cigarettes are going to continue to grow as a product category, and not just because they’re convenient - they also remove a lot of the toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. Now, cigarette smokers have alternatives other than dip or the unsatisfying e-cig options of yore for their nicotine fix. We wanted to be there for our customers and friends who are trying to kick the cigarette habit, so we made it easier than ever before to integrate pods with Vaprwear gear.

      And if you vape CBD or cannabis from your pod, the awesomeness of Vaprwear gear is now more easily within reach.

      How Do I Get My Hands On an Adapter?

      When you check out at www.vaprwear.com, you’ll be prompted to to add an adapter to your order. If you previously purchased Vaprwear gear and need a pod adapter, just reach out to us at marketing@vaprwear.com and we’ll send you one for free (just need proof of purchase).

      As always, we’re ready to help answer any questions. Just drop us a line at marketing@vaprwear.com.



      When you think of hard drugs, what comes to mind? Heroin? Cocaine? Meth? These drugs are powerful and addictive, and the detrimental effects they have on our society are profound. In fact, 115 people die per day from opioid overdose - and these overdoses aren’t limited to heroin alone.

      Prescription painkillers, fentanyl, and other synthetic opioids are wreaking havoc on communities from Michigan to Texas to Maine to Virginia. Heroin, with its addictive nature, no medical use, and “severe safety concern,” is a Schedule 1 drug along with LSD and cocaine.

      And marijuana.

      With medical marijuana now legal in 29 states and a strong body of evidence pointing to marijuana’s efficacy as a treatment for everything from seizures to PTSD to anxiety to chronic pain, something seems off. Why would such a drug be counted among some of the most harmful narcotics in the world?

      Lawmakers, whether motivated by upcoming elections or their own personal feelings, are starting to ask the same question. Several bills, collectively referred to as the Marijuana Justice Act, have been introduced into the House and Senate in the last year in the hopes of addressing this issue.

      What is the Marijuana Justice Act?

      The Marijuana Justice Act was first introduced by Senator Cory Booker in 2017. In 2018, Reps. Barbara Lee and Rho Khanna introduced a House “companion” version of the bill. Senator Chuck Schumer also introduced a similar bill in 2018.

      The aim of all three bills is to remove marijuana from its current classification as a Schedule 1 drug. The bills introduced by Senator Booker and Reps. Lee and Khanna, collectively known as the Marijuana Justice Act, also seek to expunge convictions for marijuana use and convictions, which disproportionately affect people of color and lower-income communities. It would also allow for people already imprisoned for drug crimes to petition for resentencing or release.

      The Marijuana Justice Act also includes a $500 million fund to help with job training in the cannabis industry and would focus on those communities that see a disproportionate number of arrests and convictions for low-level marijuana-related offenses.

      Lastly, the Act seeks to use cuts to federal funding to penalize those states that arrest and imprison a disproportionate number of people of color or low-income people for marijuana-related offenses.

      Who Is Behind It?

      We should start with who’s not behind it. Attorney General Jeff Sessions last year rescinded an Obama-era ruling that prevented federal agents and entities from interfering with cannabis grow and sell operations in states with legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use. He has promised harsher punishments for drug offenders and has even suggested that individual states not legalize marijuana.

      Sessions’ prejudice against marijuana is nothing new, however.

      It was then-President Nixon in the early 1970s who first introduced the concept of a War on Drugs, Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign in the 1980s, and then-President Bill Clinton’s controversial so-called “crime bill” in 1994 that has resulted in disproportionate arrests, convictions, and length of sentencing for people of color in possession of marijuana.  

      Now, however, Democrats in the House and Senate are saying “enough’s enough.” No Republicans have yet signed onto the bill, but it is slowly gaining ground. Senator Bernie Sanders recently signed on to Senator Cory Booker’s version of the bill, while others including Kamala Harris are beginning to attach their names to the legislature as well.  

      Further, most Americans are behind legalizing marijuana and, thereby, removing criminal consequences of possession. In a recent Pew Research poll, 61% of respondents indicated they thought marijuana should be legalized.

      Why Now?

      To convey the sense of urgency: there are 700,000 people arrested each year for marijuana-related offenses. While Black people and white people use marijuana at approximately the same rate, Black people are four times as likely to be arrested for marijuana-related offenses than whites. And in 2010, when marijuana arrests were at their peak, it cost taxpayers $3.6 billion in court and imprisonment costs.

      With the rising tide of legalization in this country, along with a midterm election this year, the time is right for politicians on both sides of the aisle to consider this hot-button issue.

      Anything Else?

      Removing marijuana from the Schedule of Controlled Substances would open it up for medical research under federal regulations. This research could lead to breakthroughs in understanding the yet-unknown applications of medical marijuana, and it could reduce our country’s dependence on opioids and painkillers.

      Since 2014, marijuana legalization in Colorado has resulted in nearly $770,000,000 in taxes, licenses, and fee revenue. This money goes towards public schools, public health education, transportation safety, and infrastructure among many other vital programs.

      The Marijuana Justice Act has a long battle ahead of it in Congress. You can show your support by emailing or calling your local representatives. Read more about the Act here and find out how to best contact your representative here.