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    Too Cold to Hit the Slopes? Then, Hit the Gym Instead!

    Too Cold to Hit the Slopes? Then, Hit the Gym Instead!

    Love it or hate it, cold weather continues to prevail across the country. In recent weeks, we've covered topics to help you stay warm outside, how to find the best winter gear, and ways to vape during the colder months. But, what if you've decided that it's simply too cold to go outside, so your preference is to remain indoors and enjoy the comforts of your home's heating equipment? 

    There's nothing wrong with that, but in order to be healthy and active, you need to be doing something that allows you to move around rather than being sedentary by sitting around and watching TV all day. And what better way to get as much as you can from remaining indoors than hitting the gym? By starting a new workout regimen, here are the benefits you can experience: 

    You'll Lose or Control Your Weight 

    The number one reason why people begin a workout regimen is to lose weight. This is sometimes done to simply look better - a slimmer waist, thinner legs, etc. - but losing weight also has countless health benefits that will keep you living longer and better. And if you're already happy with your weight, then working out will help you maintain it. When it comes to losing or controlling your weight, hitting the gym is absolutely necessary. 

    You'll Feel Stronger 

    In addition to the weight you can expect to lose, hitting the gym will make you feel stronger because your muscles are being engaged more often and with more resistance than they're accustomed to. This added strength can be felt all over your body, especially if you start off by working on your "core" and then focus on specific areas of your body. Don't worry - you don't have to be a full-on bodybuilder to get this benefit. 

    You'll Be More Confident 

    If you've never worked out before, then it's impossible to understand the level of confidence that you achieve once you begin getting into shape. Your personal and professional lives are likely to benefit greatly from the added confidence that you feel, whether it's due to a loss of weight, additional strength, or a combination of the two. So, if you're looking for a jolt of confidence in your next business meeting or attempting to work up the courage for a big date, working out will help.

    You'll Be Happier 

    When you work out, your brain releases endorphins, which give us a feeling of happiness and euphoria. If you're already a generally happy person, then you'll reach new heights that you might not have considered before. Working out has also been shown to help people who suffer from depression or anxiety. In fact, many sufferers of depression hit the gym in lieu of popping anti-depressant pills. 

    You'll Feel Less Stress 

    The effect of stress on our bodies can be absolutely devastating. Stress not only hurts our mental state, but can negatively impact our physical body as well. Hitting the gym acts as a fantastic "stress reliever'' that will help you calm down over a stressful situation. This is due, in part, by the release of a chemical called norepinephrine, which helps moderate our brain's response to stress.

    You'll Prevent Cognitive Decline Aging is a fact of life and, unfortunately, our brains begin to degenerate in our later years. For many people, this leads to nothing more than feeling a little "hazy" at times, but degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's are devastating for millions of people. While working out isn't a cure for severe problems, it will boost chemicals in the brain that curtail degeneration of the hippocampus, which is needed for memory and learning. 

    Vaprwear promotes an active, engaging lifestyle. We also promote an awesome clothing line with an integrated vapor delivery system that allows you to enjoy two great activities at once. If you have any questions about our wearable products, be sure to reach out and ask!