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    We All Have a Sedentary Friend - How to Get Them More Active

    We All Have a Sedentary Friend - How to Get Them More Active

    You love spending time with your friends. You share a lot of the same interests, have the same sense of humor, and you just “get” each other. It can be tough, though, when one of your closest friends doesn’t take interest in an active lifestyle. While you want to share jokes and talk about what’s going on in the world as you hit the trails or go rock climbing, your friend just wants to sit on the couch and vape. Which is cool… sometimes. But, what about one of those days when you’re itching to get outdoors and be active? How can you get your sedentary friend up off the couch and into action? Here are a few tips for helping your friend enjoy some new activities.

    Start Small

    Your motto may be “Go Big or Go Home,” but that tactic might not fly with a friend who isn’t used to being as active as you. Pushing your friend to do something too big or too extreme right off the bat could cause them to shut down completely and close their mind to trying new things in the future. Instead of an all-day hiking excursion up a mountain, ask your friend to take a walk with you on a beautiful (and easy) park trail through the trees. Make things a little more interesting by downloading an app that leads you to geocaches. Make it fun so that your friend forgets that he or she is even getting exercise.

    Take a Lesson 

    One of the reasons your sedentary friend might avoid doing something active with you is that they feel intimidated by your experience. They don’t want to look stupid trying something new in front of their expert friend, so they just end up avoiding it altogether. You can get over this hurdle by offering to take a lesson or a class on how to do an activity or sport that you’ve never tried before. Let your friend pick what they’d like to learn and make a pact to do it together. You can both laugh at each other (and yourselves) as you try to figure out what you’re doing - as a team.

    Get Touristy

    Tons of people come to Colorado every year. Why? Because it provides the perfect setting for enjoying a huge number of outdoor sports. Most of the tourists to our area have never tried some of the adventurous activities that they embark upon, but they have a lot of fun giving it a try! Have a “staycation” with your friend where you agree to check out some of the hottest tourist attractions and activities around your area. In this “vacation mode,” you’ll find it a lot easier to get in the spirit of hopping into a whitewater raft or hitting the slopes.

    Stay Positive

    Don’t ever be pushy or judgmental with a sedentary friend. It’s your job to build up your friend and encourage them with a positive attitude as you work on getting them into a more active frame of mind.

    Vape It Up

    You already know that your friend enjoys hanging out on the couch, playing video games, and vaping, so why wouldn’t they enjoy vaping with you just about anywhere? Hooking your friend up with the opportunity to vape while getting active with you in the great outdoors will provide them with just one more reason why they should give an active lifestyle a try.

    Who says you have to choose between an active lifestyle and vaping? Vaprwear allows you and your friends to enjoy the best of both worlds. Hit us up to learn more about our awesome vaping-integrated products today.

    5 Reasons to Ditch Your Cigarette for a Vape Pen

    5 Reasons to Ditch Your Cigarette for a Vape Pen

    Just a few short years ago, it was rare to see someone with a vape pen. Spotting one out in the public was like seeing a unicorn. Many people didn't even know exactly what they were. 

    Times have certainly changed, though. Vape pens have become more commonplace and identifiable. They've also been shown to be a great alternative to traditional cigarettes and smoking options. Let's explore five reasons why you should ditch your cigarette for a vape pen.

    Better Health

    Even the most ardent smoker will tell you that smoking cigarettes are bad for you. Extremely bad. Why else would they be nicknamed cancer sticks? Between cancer, lung problems, skin issues, and the destruction of teeth, smoking cigarettes is both damaging and life-threatening. While we don't have much information on the effects of long-term vaping, the use of smokeless tobacco has already told us most of what we need to know. Vaping options don't utilize smoke, nor do they include nearly as many contaminants as cigarettes. So even though vaping might not be 100% safe, it is clearly a much healthier activity than smoking traditional cigarettes.

    Less Addiction

    It's no secret that cigarettes are highly addictive. More specifically, the nicotine found in cigarettes can cause addiction for both your body and your mind. In fact, tobacco manufacturers have been the subject of many lawsuits, resulting in enormous loss of money and reputation, for the lies, they spread about the addictive qualities (or lack thereof) of their products. Vaping has shown to be much less addictive than cigarettes. In fact, many cigarette smokers who have switched to the use of vape pens have reported that vaping has worked as a way to alleviate their need for smoking tobacco.

    Multiple Flavors

    Traditional cigarettes simply don't taste good. In fact, many people would say that they taste absolutely terrible. While there are certain flavors available in the world of cigarettes, these don't compare to how many options you have when it comes to the flavors available when vaping. In many cases, cigarette smokers have even switched over to vaping and nothing else because when they momentarily returned to cigarettes, they realized just how bad they really taste.

    Improved Aesthetics

    Not only do cigarettes taste terrible, but they're not very attractive. We would even venture to say that they are downright ugly (unless Clint Eastwood is smoking one in a movie - that’s okay). Seeing a man or woman with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth is an instant turn-off for many people. Vape pens don't have that same effect. In fact, the design of many vape pens is attractive to people because they basically look like a piece of advanced technology. We don't want to say that looks mean everything, but in this regard, they definitely count for something.

    More Accepted

    There is a sort of anti-cigarette mentality in this country. Even as millions of people use cigarettes on a daily basis, many citizens and businesses are shying away from them. While it's not right to shun cigarette smokers, the overall negative attitude towards cigarettes, second-hand smoke, and health issues caused by smoking has led to restrictions in bars and other public places. Vaping doesn't suffer from these issues. Even non-smokers don't seem to mind them nearly as much because they're not as intrusive.

    Vaprwear promotes two primary lifestyles: outdoor activities and vaping. What we really love is to see people mix the two together. Several of our products use a revolutionary integrated vaping system that is perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities. If you'd like to learn more, reach out to our professional staff today.