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    Vaprwear hoodies and backpacks are "vape-ready" meaning they're compatible with most popular vape pens and cartridges.

    Of course, we recommend our powerful, easy-to-use Vaprwear vape pen which was designed specifically for our patented Drawstring.


    installing a hydration bladder
    into a hydrovape backpack

    installing your vaprwear drawstring vapor delivery system into a hydrovape backpack


    The universal connector in our patented Drawstring Vapor Delivery System creates an air-tight seal around most 510 thread cartridges and standard e-cigarettes to deliver discreet, convenient access to your favorite vape device.

    But closed pod systems like JUUL®, Pax Era®, blu® and others were a no-go ... until now!

    Introducing our sleek Pod Adapter that let's you plug and go with a growing number of closed pod systems. The adapter slips over the pod, creating an air-tight seal, then plugs directly into the universal connector like any other cartridge.

    Vaprwear Pod Adapters are available in two sizes, so check our compatibility list to see which you need for your favorite device. If you're device isn't listed, then click HERE and let us know what you're using and we'll test it for you.

    Shop adapters HERE .

    Attach the Pod Adapter to your device's pod.

    Plug the Pod Adapter into the Univeral Connector.

    Put device away for safety and convenience!