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    • Enjoys cannabis or needs medical marijuana
    • Relies on CBD to soothe aches and pains, relieve anxiety, relieve symptoms related to medical conditions, assist sleep or train harder
    • Is trying to quit smoking, or who loves smoking but no longer can in many places


    • We do it quietly, and efficiently
    • It's simple to use, so even a friend suffering from a debilitating condition can manage their meds discreetly and self-sufficiently


    • So your eyes stay on the road, or the trail, or the singer ... or wherever your attention should be


    • This eliminates clutter, broken devices, lost parts and all of the associated frustration
    • So it's easy to share, whether riding on a chair lift, dancing at a festival or a myriad of other favorite places.

    Steve Suttman / Chairman
    [email protected] 

    Known as White Smoke (for his white locks), Steve is the inspiration behind Vaprwear. Introduced to the inventor by a close friend, Smoke struck up a conversation and soon acquired the rights to the patent. Shortly thereafter, he talked his college buddy into leaving the security of corporate America to come run the company. Steve brings a proven track record of success in an entrepreneurial environment, having sold a revolutionary custom bank card company and remaining a principal in three businesses other than Vaprwear.

    Tom Gruger / CEO
    [email protected] 

    Tom and Steve have been best buds since meeting their very first day at Miami University many moons ago. Tom spent 25+ years in the world of sports, first at Titleist then at Wilson Sporting Goods in Chicago where he left as a member of the Senior Management Team and Vice President, Digital. As CEO, Tom is applying all of the lessons he learned in product management, brand management, marketing and digital in bringing Vaprwear online. Look for a Vaprwear backpack on a Colorado trail and it's probably Tom!

    Ryan Hopkins / Business Development
    [email protected]

    Ryan played college hoops at Florida Gulf Coast University, helping to launch the legendary “Dunk City” program. The only thing Ryan launched there was three’s; in fact, he continues to hold the record for most attempts. After a short professional basketball career overseas, Ryan spent several years in the oil and gas industry, which brought him to Colorado. At Vaprwear, Ryan leads business development and outside sales. When not working, Ryan and his wife spend as much time as possible with their new baby and two dogs traveling around Colorado, preferably near a golf course so Ryan can squeeze in a round.

    Amanda Ladas / VP of Marketing 
    [email protected]

    Amanda’s career trajectory is full of twists and turns. After earning a bachelor’s degree in communications from Depaul University, Amanda worked as a nanny, a coffee machine technician and mental health intake administrator (commitment issues?). For the last 10 years (commitment issue solved) she has established a career in marketing, building programs for two finance businesses and a data storage firm. Amanda believes that brands shouldn’t take themselves too seriously, a tone you’ll see in Vaprwear. When she is not at work her happy place is nose down in a book at a wild and remote location.

    Mike Ternes / Manager, IT & Web Services 
    [email protected]

    Mike isn't your classic corporate IT guy, but he brings an admired work ethic to everything he does. His technical background is deep and varied. For nearly a decade he worked for Jeppesen as a site engineer and application administrator before jumping into a series of start-up companies as an IT manager. Since 2015 Mike has been handling all things tech for Vaprwear. Mike is an avid outdoorsman, and can be found most weekends in the mountains or boating on a reservoir somewhere in Colorado.