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      At Vaprwear, we take Adult Use seriously.

      Our products are intended for use by adults over the legal age of 18. We understand that we have a responsibility to encourage responsible, adult use of these products and to prevent the sale of our products to youth. To achieve this, Vaprwear:

      • Implements age verification on our website for 18+
      • Implements age verification on Facebook for 18+ (Twitter and Instagram do not have this option)
      • Employs age verification technology on our website to ensure that customers attempting to purchase on vaprwear.com are age 18+.
      • Employ a 24-hour shipping hold on website orders, giving credit card owners the chance to identify a pending charge and avoid unnecessary return charges.

      We welcome the opportunity to work with governing bodies and/or advocacy groups that are working to restrict adult-use products to their intended users. If you are aware of a potential sale of a Vaprwear product to a minor, please notify us at info@vaprwear.com and we will follow up.

      At Vaprwear we are committed to promoting a healthy and adventurous lifestyle through the responsible, adult use of our product.


      We are committed to responsible use of our products by adults over the age of 18.

      To help parents and administrators recognize
      our products and prevent underage use,
      we've published an overview that's available for download.