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    Looking to feature your company's brand on a Vaprwear backpack? Planning a bachelor party and want customized Vaprwear hoodies for all the guys? Want all your budtenders wearing Vaprwear zip-ups featuring your dispensary's logo?

    With options ranging from simple decoration to a complete white label solution, we can surely meet your bulk order needs. We offer three options designed to make doing business with us a breeze. Check them out below!

    Option 1: Our stock product featuring your brand, logo or message.

    Perfect for retail sales, dispensary staff, promotional giveaways ... whatever the occasion. Provide us with your artwork – a logo, a picture, a phrase, whatever…within reason – and we’ll screen print it front and center.

    • Minimum Quantity: 12 pieces
    • Artwork: we need vector artwork. If you’re not sure what that means, we’ll explain when we connect.
    • Leadtime: 3-4 weeks from the date we approve artwork…  

    Option 1: Our stock product, branded inside and out to make it yours, featuring Vaprwear tech

    Interested in featuring your brand with our technology? Perfect. We’ll start with one of our base products, brand it with your logo on the outside and neck label and finish it with a discreet “Featuring Vaprwear Drawstring technology” on an inside label.

    • Minimum Quantity: 144 pieces
    • Product Details: we will work with you on every detail
    • Leadtime: 4-6 weeks from the date we approve artwork
    • Program: Place a qualifying order of 144 pieces and we’ll include 12 free pieces for your very best employees.

    Option 1: Your products, featuring our tech inside

    Want to feature our patented vapor delivery technology in your product line? We’re happy to license our technology to established brands that we feel complement our brand and whose customers are the perfect target for our technology.

    • Minimum Quantity: 504 pieces
    • Product Details: our designers and engineers are ready to help integrate our technology into your product development process
    • Leadtime: 4-6 weeks from the date of final approval  
    • Program: Place a qualifying order of 504 pieces and we’ll initiate a co-branding marketing platform

    GET STARTED . . .

    To get started on any of these three options, simply complete the form below and a Vaprwear representative will contact you immediately. Get started and let’s get moving!