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    Elevate your festival experience with Vaprwear’s unique, convenient, and functional vape gear. With our backpacks and hoodies, your favorite vapor is available whenever and wherever you want it through our patented Drawstring vapor delivery system.


    No Loose Pen = No Worries

    There’s nothing worse than reaching into your pocket and realizing your vape pen fell out - and if you’re at a festival, chances are pretty good that your pen could be hanging out in the bottom of a port-a-potty. Sounds pretty cool, right? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Our gear integrates your vape tech into hoodies and backpacks, so your vape pen is tucked safely into our unique TechChamber at all times - no falling out on festival grounds (or somewhere even less desirable).


    Make New Friends and Smoke Down the Old

    With Vaprwear, you can spread the vapor love to your crew and to new friends alike. If you’re trying out a new favorite flavor or just looking to help your buddies experience the festival in a more elevated way, our patented Drawstring comes in handy.


    Reduce your Environmental Impact

    Festivals are crowded, high-traffic experiences. With all those humans in one place, there’s bound to be trash and litter. By pairing with your favorite nicotine device, Vaprwear keeps your favorite vapor within reach and reduces the amount of cigarette butts and other waste. Plus, there’s no excuse not to pack up and clean up after yourself with our roomy backpacks. Keep those energy bar wrappers and chapstick tubes off the ground and out of the ecosystem.


    Roomy Enough for All Your Festival Gear

    Anyone who has attended a festival knows that what you bring with you can have a serious impact on your experience. With our roomy HydroVape backpacks, you can pack your favorite hydration bladder and still have room for the essentials like sunscreen, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, phone charger, and snacks. Don’t forget the nearly invisible stash pocket for your most valuable possessions. With the convenience and organization of our backpacks, you’ll feel confident that you’ve got everything close at hand.


    Focus on the Music, Not Your Vape Pen

    Vaprwear helps you keep your head in the music so you can more fully enjoy your festival experience. Remove the anxiety of lost pens, digging around in your pocket, or trying to juggle your vape pen, a drink, and your phone. Vaprwear’s ergonomic mouthpiece sits conveniently on your chest, so your favorite vapor is always within reach.


    Take your festival experience to new heights with Vaprwear’s fully integrated vapor technology.



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