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    So It turns out that fishing is really good for you. Seriously! Spending time in any outdoor pursuit boosts your immune system, gives you a dose of vitamin D, and promotes relaxation. But fishing goes farther - it’s an activity with a clearly defined goal and reward, it can help you with balance, and necessitates - and therefore encourages - a Zen-like patience. Fishing and Vaprwear gear go together like salmon and soy sauce - read on to see why.


    Don’t Lose Your Vape Pen or Cartridge - Ever

    Picture this: you’re casting into a beautiful stream, waiting for that one big trout. The morning sun is gently warming your shoulders, and the only sound for miles is the sound of rushing water. You reach into your pocket to grab your vape pen. Record scratch - it’s not there. You hiked into this spot, so it could be anywhere.


    Vaprwear gear is here to prevent this hypothetical scenario: with our hoodies and backpacks, your vape pen or cartridge is secured in a specialized pocket, and the ergonomic mouthpiece sits conveniently at your shoulder. No more digging around in your pocket, no more flipping through your tackle box, no more retracing your steps looking for a lost pen.


    Keep Litter Out of Streams

    Look, we’re not here to tell you how to live. But as a lover of the outdoors, you know that there’s no place for litter in our beautiful lakes, streams, and rivers. With Vaprwear, your favorite cannabis, CBD, or nicotine vape oil is accessible, secured, and kept out of the environment. No more roaches or butts, no more lighters, and no more litter.


    Fly Fishing? No Problem.

    When you’re hip-deep in a rushing river, the last thought you want crossing your mind is “Oh, great. I left my pen in my pocket.” Our hoodies and backpacks elevate your vape pen and keep it secured around your neck - and above water.


    Relax and Enjoy Nature

    Our gear helps you moderate your intake of whatever vapor goodness floats your boat, so you can elevate your fishing experience while staying on top of your game. Relax, enjoy, and focus on the fishing - not whether you dropped, lost, or snapped your vape pen.

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