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    At a glance, it’s just another hoodie. Or backpack. And that’s the beauty. But tucked safely away is an integrated system housing a powerful battery and cartridge of choice on one end, and a conveniently placed extendable mouthpiece on the other, all connected by a medical-grade hose system. Convenience and discretion, all at once.

    How Vaprwear Works


    In just four steps, you’ll be ready to use your Vaprwear product anytime, anywhere.

    Turn to reveal the universal connector. Pull out the 3.8V battery (3.8V because we tested distillates ranging from e-juice to the latest clears and it works with everything). Plug in your favorite cartridge. Snap the battery securely back into the universal connector. Go, get moving and do whatever it is you love.


    Turn the end of the Drawstring to release the cap.

    Pull the pen out from the drawstring.


    Fill your cartridge with your favorite vapor goodness. Plug the pen back into the Drawstring.


    When you hear the snap it means that your Vaprwear pen is in the sweet spot.


    Simply replace the cap and you are ready to go.