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    the perfect hunting companion

    When you’re a hunter, your day starts before the sun comes up. So, you need everything in its place. Our vape-ready technology is fully integrated inside our functional hoodies and backpacks, so there’s no worry about lost or broken vape pens. You’ll know where everything is, so you can get out there. 

    A Place for Everything - and Then Some

    When you’re out hunting, you need to be prepared for anything. In addition to packing necessary items like a knife, rangefinder, compass, and flashlight, you’ll want to bring along snacks to keep your strength up and an extra layer in case the weather turns. Our Hydro-Vape backpacks are roomy enough for all your gear and have multiple pockets, so what you’re looking for is always right where it should be. Pro tip: bring snacks like bananas, fig bars, grapes, jerky, and peanut butter crackers for hunting - they’ll keep your energy up. Just make sure to remove the wrappers before you set out - deer have excellent hearing, and you don’t want a crinkling Snickers wrapper to be your hunt’s downfall. 

    Stay Hydrated

    Early days, long nights. Whether you’re at deer camp for the week or you head out to the woods every weekend during hunting season, you know that you need to stay hydrated to stay on top of your game. Our Hydro-Vape backpacks contain a specialized pouch for your water bladder of choice, so everything you need is well within reach.  

    Ditch the Cigs

    You’re out in the woods, but you’ve got a craving for a cigarette. Unfortunately, you’re upwind from that huge ten-pointer. This is no time to sneak a quick cigarette and risk scaring your prize away, so what do you do? If you’ve got our fully integrated vape technology along on the trip, you can smoke your flavorless, odorless nicotine oil of choice right from the convenient drawstrings on our hoodies and backpacks. 

    Never Lose Your Vape Pen Again

    Nothing like fishing around in your pocket for your vape pen only to realize you probably dropped it somewhere back around mile three of your trek into the woods, right? Yep, we didn’t think so. With our gear, your vape pen stays safely secured in its own specialized pocket - no dropping, losing, leaving, or misplacing. 

    Vaprwear gear is here to help you take your hike to the next level. Explore our products today. 


    The HydroVape Backpack might be man's second best friend.

    • It's the only backpack in the world with integrated access to fluids AND vapor so you can enjoy both hands-free
    • The large compartment has plenty of room for gear
    • The expandable flap secures bigger gear
    • A fleece-lined valuables pouch and a stash pocket offer protection
    • The camo design works great in the wilderness
    • Quiet, smoke-free, odor-free

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