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    Don’t let a smoke stop stand between you and the open road.


    With Vaprwear gear, your rides can last longer, and you can satisfy the urge to smoke with our convenient, hands-free, and discreet tech.


    How does it work? It’s simple. Our backpacks and hoodies feature fully integrated vapor delivery technology - just plug in your favorite vape pen or e-cigarette to one end of the Drawstring, then draw satisfying vapor through the ergonomic mouthpiecethat’s always within reach. Your eyes never leave the road, you’ll reduce the number of times you’ll need to stop for smoke breaks, and you’ll help reduce litter on those beautiful open roads.


    Safety is (Obviously) a Priority

    If you’re an avid rider, you know that safety is a priority. Industry websites recommend, at minimum, a helmet, eye protection, and thick, full-fingered gloves when riding. But if you’re fishing in a pocket for a quick hit of your vape pen, you’re putting your safety at risk. Taking your eyes off the road for even a second is all it takes for a distracted driver to drift into your lane and surprise you -- or worse. With Vaprwear, our ergonomic mouthpieces are situated so they are always within reach; all you have to do is pick up, draw in, and enjoy. Your eyes stay on the road, and your wheels keep ripping through the miles.


    No More Smoke Stops

    You finally hit a gloriously open patch of road. Or it’s a beautiful evening, and you’re taking in the sunset. Or you’re out riding with your buddies, and it’s been a while since you’ve gotten together. Know what takes your focus away from enjoying the moment? That nagging “I-need-a-smoke-break” feeling. That “let’s-stop-for-just-a-minute” annoyance. With Vaprwear gear, your nicotine oil is locked, loaded, and fully accessible - no smoke break necessary.


    Keep Litter off the Open Road

    Litter along the side of the highway spoils your view, and it hurts the environment. Vaprwear gear keeps everything you need to enjoy your vapor on your time conveniently and securely in your hoodie or backpack - no more cigarette butts, no more dropped lighters, and no more empty packs.


    Take your vaping - and your riding - to the next level with Vaprwear gear.

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