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      Are you a smoker looking to ditch the odor, environmental damage, and health risks associated with smoking cigarettes? Do you work in an industry where stepping out for a smoke break isn’t typical or is discouraged? Many Americans are finding relief by replacing their tobacco cigarettes with a vaping device that delivers nicotine-based vapor. Our products are built to deliver this vapor discreetly to you through a medical-grade hosing woven through our hoodies and backpacks. Because this vapor is odorless and dissipates almost instantly, and our system is nearly invisible, you can satisfy your craving discreetly and conveniently.

      Cigarettes are full of additives and ingredients that, when burned, can produce cancer-causing chemicals. We’re not here to claim that vaping is 100% safe, but if you’re going to “smoke,” you might as well make it a more pleasant and convenient experience.

      Chewing tobacco, while smokeless, carries many of the same health risks as smoking does. If you’re ready to say goodbye to spit cups, tin rings in your jeans, and teeth stains from chewing tobacco, vaping might be a great alternative. With Vaprwear, you can discreetly vape at the jobsite, on your lunch break, or during your commute.

      If you drive for a living, it can be tempting to keep your mind active and engaged by smoking. But cigarettes and chewing tobacco aren’t the only options around anymore. With today’s advanced technology, including our own fully integrated vaping technology, the vapor of your choice is closer and more convenient than ever before. And with our hands-free wearable tech, you can keep your eyes on the road - no more hunting for your pack of smokes, vape pen, lighter, or chew tin.

      Our products feature a universal connector that works with almost any vape pen or cartridge on the market, including most disposable e-cigarettes. Simply plug it in, tuck it away, and go! The vapor of your choice is drawn through the integrated hosing within your backpack or hoodie to an ergonomic mouthpiece, where you can discreetly take a hit - no more smoke breaks needed.

      If you’re ready to say goodbye to traditional forms of tobacco and make the leap into discreet, convenient, hands-free vaping technology, we’re here to help.