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    Whether you’re taking in a slopestyle event or rocking out to your favorite band at a summer festival, directing your attention elsewhere for even a second could mean missing something great. Vaprwear gear is here to help you keep your eyes on the target and to remove the distracting hunt for vape pens or smokes. 

    A Convenient Solution

    If you’re at a festival, watching a race, or taking in a tournament, you know how exhilarating it is to be in the middle of the action. Know what takes you out of that moment? Digging around in your pocket or the bottom of your backpack for your vape pen, pack of smokes, or lighter. All of that changes with Vaprwear gear. A convenient pocket in our hoodies and backpacks secures your vape pen and oil of choice, and you can access your vapor goodness through our patented Drawstring technology. With Vaprwear tech, you can go hands-free and fully engage in the experience. 

    Elevate Your Experience

    If you choose to add something a little extra “special” at a chill outdoor concert or at an air and water show, you can make the experience one to remember. Vaprwear gear helps you regulate your intake so you know just when you hit that sweet spot - and it’ll help you stay there. 

    Crowds Won’t Hate You

    Nothing like a big cloud of cigarette smoke to help you make friends, right? Yeah, we didn’t think so. With all of the options out there for vaping, you’ll be able to enjoy the oil of your choice with only quickly dissipating discreet (or delicious-smelling) water vapor “smoke” as the byproduct. Plus, you might make some friends: Vaprwear gear features extendable Drawstrings, which facilitate easy sharing. 

    Roomy Enough for Everything

    Our HydroVape backpacks have a special pocket for your water bladder, so you can stay fully hydrated and elevated during your experience. Plus, there’s room for everything else you might need - sunscreen, snacks, a blanket, an extra shirt (who knows what you’ll be getting into?). Since your vape pen will be secured in its own zippered pocket, you’ll never have to worry about hunting in your backpack. 

    Go hands-free and fully engage in spectator sports with Vaprwear. 

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