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    We live in Colorado, so we’re spoiled by breathtaking, challenging, awe-inspiring hiking trails wherever we turn. But you don’t have to live in the Centennial State to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle and all the outdoors has to offer.

    Hydration and Vaping Combined

    When you’re hiking on hot, humid days or at high altitudes, experts recommend you consume about one liter -- or approximately two pints -- of water per hour. Our HydroVape backpacks were built with the active person in mind and include a special internal pocket that works with your flexible water bladder. Simply insert it into the pocket and feed the mouthpiece through the shoulder strap. When you’re not using the mouthpiece, zip it into the TechChamber.

    Room for all Your Supplies

    When you set out for a big hike, you should always bring the ten essentials with you. These items include a map or a compass, sunscreen, first-aid items, water, and enough food for the hike itself plus a bit more to keep you going in case of delay or other unforeseen circumstance. Our HydroVape backpacks are roomy enough for all your gear and will keep everything you need in its place.

    Health Benefits

    The health-positive effects of spending time outdoors are well-documented. Being out in nature enhances your creativity, helps you get your daily dose of vitamin D, and boosts your immune system. Vaprwear gear is here to help connect you with all that nature has to offer - and keep you connected to convenient and discreet vaping.

    Layers are the Name of the Game

    Whether you’re climbing a fourteener or ambling along a trail in the woods near your house, sometimes the best time to start a hike is at the crack of dawn. Not only is this a peaceful time of day to hike, but it can also help you avoid crowds. And in the case of a large undertaking, like a fourteener, it’s necessary to get up and down the mountain before the sun gets too intense or storms roll in. Plus, it gets cold on those peaks! A general rule of thumb: for every 1000 feet of altitude gained, the temperature will drop by about five degrees Fahrenheit. The message? Layer up! Our cozy, functional, high-quality hoodies will keep you toasty before you get going on your hike and once you make it to the peak.

    Moderate Your Intake

    Whether you’re enjoying CBD, marijuana, or anything else, vaping while hiking can help elevate your experience. But you don’t want to elevate yourself too much; our system makes it easy to moderate your intake so you can stay on the path and enjoy every minute of the experience.

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