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    If you’re training for a big event, or you’re an athlete who regularly competes, you know that your biggest barrier is recovery. It takes hard work to get to the level you’re at, and that hard work takes a serious toll on the body. Luckily, there’s a solution - and it’s not ibuprofen or acetaminophen. CBD is here to change the face of athletic training - and with athletes across the country and around the world singing its praises, there’s clearly something to it.


    It’s Not About the High

    CBD is not about giving athletes like you a sensation of being “high.” Rather, CBD - whether derived from marijuana or hemp - is there to help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and help you settle down and relax after a long training session. Rather than relying on a few beers and OTC painkillers (a combo that can cause liver damage) for pain relief, you can start the recovery process with all-natural CBD.


    Wearable Tech

    Our tech gear is built to keep your vape pen secure and give you easy access to the vapor of your choice whenever you need it. Plus, there’s a specialized pocket for your water bladder inside our Hydro-Vape backpacks, so you can stay hydrated and elevated no matter how long your training run is. Our hoodies also feature our patented Drawstring technology, which puts the ergonomic mouthpiece conveniently at shoulder-height, so it’s there for you when you’re ready to begin the recovery process.  


    Precise Dosing

    Since our technology consistently delivers the same volume of vapor, you can rest assured that you’re ingesting the appropriate amount for your needs. Whether you’re trail-running and need a hit of CBD or you’re in recovery mode after a big training session, our gear is there to help you vape discreetly and conveniently - while staying within your limits.


    Is CBD Oil for You?

    Take your training to the next level with safe, non-addictive CBD oil. Depending on your needs and individual training goals, this substance can work wonders. And Vaprwear gear is here to help you vape wherever and whenever you choose, so you can recover, revive, and rejuvenate at your discretion.

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