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    When you’re cruising down the river on a canoe or kayak, the last thing you want to do is fumble around in your pockets for your vape pen. Our fully integrated vape tech keeps your pen and oil of choice secured so all you have to focus on is soaking in nature’s glory. 

    Convenient, Accessible Vape Tech 

    Our tech apparel takes vaping to the next level. The vape pen and oil of your choice are secured inside a specialized pocket in our hoodies and backpacks and connected to an ergonomic mouthpiece through our patented Drawstring technology. Simply draw on the mouthpiece, conveniently situated at shoulder-level, for a robust volume of vapor. Enjoy all that nature has to offer with our convenient, discreet technology at your side. 

    Less Litter

    Out enjoying nature? With Vaprwear, you can do your part to keep the land and water you love beautiful. No more cigarette butts, lighters, or roaches along the riverbank. Your pen and favorite cannabis, tobacco, or CBD oil are secured in a specialized pouch inside our hoodies and backpacks, which leads us to...

    No More Lost Pens

    Let’s face it: if you’re portaging a canoe or cruising through a lake or reservoir on a boat, the possibility of losing your vape pen increases. Whether you drop your vape pen along the riverbank, dunk it in the lake, or leave it teetering juuuuust on the edge of the kayak, you can say goodbye to your vaping for the afternoon. That’s a bummer. But we’re here to outfit you with tech apparel that keeps your vaping within reach at all times - and since your pen and oil are kept tucked securely in a specialized pocket, there’s nothing to worry about. 

    Regulate Your Intake

    It’s easy to regulate your intake with Vaprwear gear. You know exactly how much vapor you’re getting at any time, so you can take your experiences to the next level - without taking it too far. 

    Take water sports to the next level with Vaprwear gear. Our line of hoodies and backpacks are built to go where you go - learn more here.


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